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How I work

I specialise in Be Activated, a transformative hands-on treatment system that’s changing lives worldwide, from elite athletes to everyday individuals like you.

Activate your body

This revolutionary system, embraced by celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, and health practitioners, goes beyond traditional methods. It’s not just about treating injuries or enhancing athletic performance; it’s a holistic tool for managing stress and unlocking your body’s full potential.

How does it work?

Our bodies prioritise breathing and movement for survival. When compromised, our bodies adapt and compensate, sacrificing optimal function. These adaptations, though initially helpful, can lead to reduced movement and resilience, ultimately resulting in chronic pain and dysfunction.

Breathing is the foundation of movement

Ruth Tubbs, physiotherapist sits on her treatment table

Tired of feeling stuck?

The Be Activated system unveils the root cause of your pain and fatigue. By assessing your body’s current state, using simple tests to measure muscle resistance, strength, and flexibility to reveal imbalances hindering your movement. But it goes deeper than that. We unlock the power of optimal breathing patterns, a game-changer for overall health.

Putting you back in control

By retraining your body’s natural sequencing, muscles and structures return to their optimal function, allowing you to move with ease and confidence. This isn’t about numbers on a chart – it’s about feeling your best. You’ll be actively involved in the process, empowered by simple yet powerful techniques that put you back in control of your health and well-being.
Chronic patterns might need ongoing attention, but these tools are yours to keep. Be Activated isn’t just pain relief, it’s a journey to rediscover a vibrant, pain-free you.

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Kind words

“Ruth made me feel so comfortable and safe when I came to see her. She didn’t only address my physical issues, but also helped me to understand how my lifestyle and family history may have impacted my physical ailments. I found the sessions fascinating and inspiring, as I uncovered more about how my body and breath are interlinked. I felt empowered to make a real difference in improving my own health and well-being, and I felt so much stronger and more in control.”

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