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Meet Ruth Tubbs

Hi, I’m Ruth, founder of Ruth Tubbs Beyond Physiotherapy in Bromsgrove, West Midlands, where passion meets purpose in a warm and welcoming environment. As a dedicated practitioner, my mission is simple: to provide tailored, holistic physiotherapy and wellness services that empower you to achieve long lasting results.

Let me show you how to achieve the kind of transformation that took my pain away. I can’t wait for you to experience the freedom and well-being I discovered.

Ruth Tubbs sits smiling on a beach, one of her favourite places

Be Activated

For 13 years, I battled knee and back pain, despite my background as a physiotherapist and an active lifestyle.

A seemingly minor incident, resulting in a cartilage tear, triggered a number of surgeries and persistent pain that impacted every aspect of my life, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and out of balance. However, discovering Be Activated through a friend changed everything!

A revolutionary Approach

Be Activated wasn’t just a cure for my pain, it absolutely changed my life. This revolutionary approach restored my well-being, allowing me to regain strength, pursue passions, and find balance. Inspired by its holistic philosophy, I became a Level 1 & 2 practitioner to share these techniques and empower others to live pain-free, vibrant lives.

My Career

My desire to become a Physiotherapist grew from my interest in sport at an early age. As a national-level swimmer, and all-round sport enthusiast I developed my passion for movement and health. After earning my BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy in 2004, I embarked on a fulfilling career spanning over 15 years in the NHS. Along the way, I pursued further education, attaining a Masters degree in Advanced Physiotherapy in 2015. I’ve helped thousands of people in that time recover from illness and injury.

Beyond the NHS

My professional journey took me across continents, where I had the privilege of working in private hospitals in Australia, enriching my experience and broadening my perspective on healthcare delivery. Additionally, my commitment to education led me to a rewarding role as a university teaching fellow for five years, nurturing the next generation of physiotherapy professionals.

Ruth Tubbs is using Be Activated techniques to relieve a clients neck pain
Physiotherapy near me with Ruth Tubbs, who smiles holding a cup of coffee

More about me

Pembrokeshire summers, especially in Tenby where my family still lives, instilled my love for the coast. Now, I get to share that magic with my son. Beyond the UK, Sri Lanka stole my heart – the friendliest people and incredible variety, from beaches and fishing villages to ancient temples and lush tea plantations, made it unforgettable.

The days of long commutes are well behind me, now I travel through the beautiful countryside into Bromsgrove. My ideal day blends relaxation with girlfriends, indulging in delicious Mediterranean food, laughter, and a touch of pampering with a spa visit and shopping. Weekends are a whirlwind of cheering on my son at football, squeezing in gym workouts, and enjoying quality time with my husband and friends.

Kind words

“When my daughter went to see Ruth, she was in a real physical mess. Uptight suffering from constant anxiety attacks, not sleeping and suffering from fatigue. After the first session there was an instant improvement. Ruth was so supportive as well as helping with her physical issues, Ruth also helped on an emotional level…All this changed after several sessions and my daughter now has a very different outlook. I could not recommend Ruth enough…. Thank you for everything you did.”

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